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We all have this essence, this supreme conscience which is completely free, which has a limitless potential. We can choose within the limited capacity of our body, but we have the limitless capacity of choosing, creating, how to talk, how to act, how to feel. Within each moment, we have the opportunity to promote life, happiness, helping other people, to promote beauty, bring more love, we always have that possibility. We also have the opportunity to make things wrong, miserable or ugly and create pain, we have the capacity to cause hurt, whether intentional or unconsciously. Oh! We did not want to hurt! But it happened, we did not see things clearly. Why do we do this practice? Because I want to have more ability to help in life, as an artist of life, I want to be able to use my words to inspire others, to help them remember why life is so marvellous! Yes! I want to help others through the happiness of discovering, I want to be able to use my own presence, my sympathy, the movement of my hands, my empathy towards my students, anything that may help to create that tuning within them.

The two great reasons to learn and teach yoga:

  • We all want to be free, free from our suffering. The revelation, the awakening, is one of the two main reasons. Remember why you sit in your teacher’s seat. When you take your own life which is not in harmony and you say: “Uff! I’ve got so many things that I can’t leave aside! It is then when you must tell yourself: I want freedom! I am longing for those days when I felt in harmony with myself. Take the opportunity to think of all the blessings in your life, those days in which you felt so open, grateful, an interior expansion and you want to live that again…We all want this…we all strive for a great revelation.
  • Feel your own creativity. In order to create more beauty, only by stretching my arm and stretching myself I can make art with my own body so that I may help others. We can bring good energy to this World. I may, when I am in my studio, calm and alone, make prayers and send good intentions for other mates or friends who are depressed or unhappy, in order to help them, because this is the artistic capacity of the heart, expressing itself from love and this is the second reason why we do this practice.

lokananda samasta babantu: “May all beings everywhere be happy and free.”

Promote my energy outwards and help the world. It is little, but it all counts. If it adds and it is also funny, it is a blessing and it is art. It is like children when they are doing an art project and it seems like it is chaos, but really, it is the infinite capacity of a child for creating, for expressing in a natural way when he paints, when he plays. The intuitive capacity of developing, that which is inside all of us, creating art in life. All great painters had to learn the basics, had to learn the technique, and that is what we are learning here, techniques to be more creative, to live in a more creative way. We practice Yoga to experience a revelation, also simply for the fun of it and for the art of practice. These are two main reasons for practicing or teaching Yoga every day.
Each class that you teach should have some connection with these two points. This is the way in which you may evaluate yourself, to see if you are developing your own capacity for transmitting in your classes. One of the things that must be clear in your way of teaching is that you are able to connect with the highest reason, with the highest intention of the practice.

Study guide
Study, assimilate and practice:
We all have this essence this supreme conscience which is completely free
Principal reasons to practice

  • The revelation, awakening. Freedom from our suffering.
  • The artistic ability of the heart to express from its innate loveliness.

Find the reasons, Half page minimum.

  • Why do you want to practice and teach Hatha Yoga?
  • Through your classes, how can you help your community?


Speak from your own experience The technical orientation is not specifically needed to help connect with the heart of your students. Remember when you were a child and you were filled with enthusiasm for the simple things of life. Why be nervous? Speak from your own experience, settle yourself and make the connection from the heart with your students, personal anecdotes about some element, without worrying about the small details. Speak directly to your students, as you would talk with a friend. Talk about what you have felt in your own practice.

You already know the answer – If anyone asks a question, you go inside yourself and say: “I already know the answer…I am already giving you answers”. When someone questions you, we tend to believe in our lack of self-esteem and we get paralysed and say: “Oh, I do not know!”…but you already know the answer, and this is a lesson you must learn! No matter how many students you may have, 5 or 30, if your heart is beating quicker, instead of going into a panic, watch the strength of the heart as an extra energy which dances with happiness.

Moving to the next level. To adjust ourselves and open to something bigger. Adequate sequencing, orientation of the class, welcoming the students, using the alignment principles…all this will allow them to leave your class with an open heart. You will change the world for a person. Move from the inside, from there the techniques to build the active and passive instructions will come naturally. We use a specific language to inspire our practitioners to move to the next level. Contemplating the principles with which you are teaching, assimilate them, how can you introduce the five elements as part of your teaching method. Encourage your students to naturally move to the next level, it works You can do this with everybody.

Study Guide

Contemplate and write your own ways to connect with your students. Half page minimum.
Inspirational themes, the subjects of the heart: farseeing with imagination “Stretch your arms from the armpits up to the hands” is not enough. From the heart, you must ask the student: “Do you really wish to go to the next level?…Reach out for it above your head…reach for the stars…reach the maximum potential, go to the next level and launch your arms, you must be able to guide them there!” In general, nowadays, Yoga is taught very much oriented in the physical level, there are no instructions to the students’ hearts.
Maybe we feel a bit uncomfortable to share these feelings and we think it is not adequate to talk about the spirit in certain public places. The teaching of Yoga is a free territory for you to express your authenticity, your particular way of aligning yourself and share all the love that exists in your interior, giving free rein to your creativity and making your teaching a way for the beauty of the soul to be shared, the most beautiful reason for human life, speaking as if you only had done student in front of you.